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Thank you for visiting our website. We are excited as we launch into this new venture.Our first book to be published through Eden Reign, Sermonettes from Sebastian: A Dog’s Advice on Relationship With the Master, Sebastian_cover_largewas birthed in 2005 when we began hosting Sebastian during the summers while Laura’s parents were overseas. He was a blessing from the Lord, bringing joy and laughter during what was otherwise a very challenging season for us. Through our experiences with Sebastian in those months, God spoke to us often, showing us parallels that sweetly and humorously illustrated His love for us and our relationship with Him. Laura wrote 15 or 20 down to share with family and friends and was amazed that several suggested that we publish them. As she began to pray about it, the Lord poured out many more.

Though the book was written in 2005, it took five years to find our illustrator. For a number of years this door seemed supernaturally closed, so we prayed and waited on God’s plan and timing. In the summer of 2010, a new door of opportunity opened for Laura and she sought the Lord intently to know if it was truly His next step for her. He told her to turn down the opportunity, and instead said that it was the season for her to finish Sebastian’s book and another book she had written in 2004. She responded that she could get to work on the other book, but as far as she knew, the ball was in His court for Sebastian’s. Sure enough, when she went back to work to finish the other book, the Lord brought us our long-awaited illustrator for Sebastian’s book (Thank you, God and thank you, Liz!)! So progress moved along steadily on both projects since summer of 2010.

Having Sebastian’s book finally published is a miracle that’s been seven years in the making! What God began, He was faithful to bring to completion. Our prayer is that the lessons God demonstrated through our relationship with Sebastian will bless and encourage you in your relationship with THE MASTER!

By the beginning of 2011, it became clear that the Lord was leading Laura to turn her second book into two. We are hopeful that at least the first of that series will be available soon, with the second to follow shortly thereafter. More information on these and on Eden Reign Ministries will be added to the site when available.

Richest Blessings,
Jesse and Laura Jewell Tyree

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