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How much does God care about you? Does He know you personally and intimately? Does He care about your struggles? What if I told you that God even cares for your pets and knows them by name? Would you have more faith to believe in God’s love and care for you if you knew that He even loves and cares about your dog? 

After our family dog, Sebastian, experienced God’s divine deliverance, out of profound gratitude he dedicated his life to encouraging others to find a deeper relationship with God through sharing his life lessons on relationship with “the Master” (with a little help getting his lessons in book form).     


This book was birthed in the summer of 2005, when my husband and I hosted Sebastian while my parents were overseas. He was a blessing from the Lord, bringing joy and laughter during what was otherwise a very challenging season for us. Through our experiences with Sebastian in those months, God spoke to us often, showing us parallels that sweetly and humorously illustrated His love for us and our relationship with Him. The book is a 112-page coffee table or gift book with Sebastian’s advice divided into ten chapters on topics such as walking with The Master, loyalty, storms, and trust. Each piece of Sebastian’s advice is accompanied by a full-color illustration and a supporting scripture. My prayer is that the lessons God demonstrated through our relationship with Sebastian will bless and encourage you in your relationship with THE MASTER as well, and that you will know with absolute certainty that if God loves and cares individually for every animal, He loves and cares for you EVEN MORE! (excerpts from the introduction)

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